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Mix Tape Stickers

Our delectable Mix Tape Sticker Treats are packaged cold and are guaranteed to arrive fresh.
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All Star Stickers

Meticulously designed and printed to perfection in several sizes...Grab a few and add a little All Star sticker sass to your swaggie repotoire.
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Anger & Caffeine Hats

Made from original family recipes, our head gear is irresistable. Sugar-free, gluten-free,& dairy-free options available upon request.
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Creating gourmet swag for quite a while...well, just about a year or so, however, we've been doing very cool rescue related things for waaaaay, there's that..Don't judge.

Made from original family designs and passed down from generation to generation. (or will be passed down, as soon as we've been around for that long.)

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• Est. 2013 •

We serve visitors to our Rescue Lab only the finest in caffeinated brews...plan a visit with us and who knows what kind of revolutionary rescue related revelations may happen...


Latest Blog Posts


Episode VIII: Rescue Task Force Updates & REMS with Bryan

We jump into some West Coast RTF topics with FF/Medic/Tactical Medic Bryan Howell - discussing the complexity of this response asset and dive into TTP / SOP development, training, and some the ridiculousness that surrounds this topic nationwide…AND we also dig into the REMS (Rapid Extraction Module Support) programs out on the West Coast (RIP Notorious B.I.G.).  REMS is basically a bad-ass, complex, and evolving program in which 4-man teams become a QRF for injured line wildland firefighters.  The team is required to make access through austere vertical terrain, assess & stabilize the casualty, package and extract, and finally evacuate or handoff for transport to a MTF… anyway,, we discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Episode VII: Operation Savage Land Pirate: Hacking Prolonged Field Care

The Element Rescue Crew (Ryan, JJ, and Sean) with special guest Dennis Jarema, US Army Special Forces 18-D, Schoolhouse Instructor, and PFC Podcast Supreme Ruler…
In this episode the guys breakdown PFC principles, discuss the framework, and permeate these into civilian application.

Episode VI: Operational Hacking- Science- Part 2

Part 2 of our conversation with Ricky (finally...sorry)... We hit on more aspects concerning the Ground force - Aeromedical interaction, Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) and Environmental -Based Medicine...and Experienced-Based Medicine, and more.

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