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Nov 24

On Operational Verticality

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Over a decade in the making, the Operational Vertical Manifesto serves as a foundation for what we hope will eradicate the current irrational “norms” which have permeated into the Operational Vertical arena. We aren’t “breaking glass ceilings” we’re dropping the entire structure down. From the rubble we hope the true believers & operational hackers will emerge with a new found sense of restlessness & innovation.  Adapting & building on this information within the specific context of their vertical discipline enacting change / disruption towards the tools, techniques, and mindsets - without the limitations of their previous and now indefensible artificially imposed constraints. While we touch on a lot of the necessary topics, each sentence represents the tip of an iceberg worth of data and empirical knowledge that we hint to through the works cited / bibliography section. There will be subsequent podcasts, posts / blogs, peer-reviewed papers,  AND something completely BAD ASS being announced around February - to support the revolutions in the future, but for now may the neophytes stand up, consolidate,  &  replace institutional dogma with the data, knowledge, & common sense provided - So tomorrow, eat up, take your vitamins, (ADHD), and join us, the revolution is finally here.

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