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Dec 14

Rapid Operational Vertical TTP Innovation- ITRS Presentation Nov.2022

I was fortunate enough to present at the ITRS (International Technical Rescue Symposium) in Albuquerque, New Mexico just last month (November 2022). I had been wanting to attend this conference for quite a while, but our training schedule has historically kept us from attending. As I mention in the Video Cast, I would encourage anyone who has a passion for verticality to clear the dates for this symposium in the future, you won’t be disappointed.
I presented on the nonlinearity of vertical rigging & the application of HRO and other nonlinear tools when innovating new tactics, techniques, ad procedures (TTP) for high threat environments. As usual, my presentation spanned a wide spectrum, which I knew wouldn’t fit into the hour time slot...but figured I would call audibles and skip some slides here and there to make it work. As it turns out, I had to race through some topics, skip some others, and show some videos as examples. Afterwards I had some great conversations and had quite a few emails / texts from some attendees with some great questions.
After getting home, I reworked the presentation to include some of the questions and topics of discussion I had with several vertical gangsters who had attended the conference- before sending in the PDF version of the presentation to ITRS to post on their website. Then it seemed like a good idea to just do a video cast of it and get way more in depth on both the original topics & those I added after discussions...
So this is not all...but it dives fairly deep into some complex & critical topics. The PDF version of this presentation is or will be posted on the ITRS website under “Papers” if you want a hard copy. Here is a link to the ITRS website...
We will also post support documents & papers on this page to assist with your fidelity of the topics, concepts, & models discussed in the Video Cast. For those who haven’t read our Operational Vertical Manifesto, it provides some additional insights - and is also posted here on our blog.

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