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Jun 09

The Fallout of CBRN Exposure: A Cosmology Episode

Check it out....And if you'd like to dig a little deeper, we have some research materials/documents attached below....


1) Complex Systems Science

2) The Master of Disaster

3) Gaussian Averages

4) Chaos & Complexity

5) Ecological Rationality

6) Heuristics are Adaptive

7) Heuristics for Uncertainty

8) Heuristics, Crisis, Gigerinzer 

9) Heuristics, Gigerinzer 2008       10) Heuristics, Gingerizner 2006   
11) Heuristics, Terrorist Attacks 12) Journal of Contingencies 13) Heart Rate Variability Indexes 14) Multiscale II  15) NECSI Technical Report 
16) HRO Principles 17) Why Complexity is Different      
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