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        This is the official Academic Crest of all Element Rescue, LLC affiliated advanced higher learning institutions.  It may resemble or remind you of a prestigious academic crest like Harvard's..... and it should. Mainly because our emblem is also a crest and it has a similar color...In contrast ,we aren’t whining, baby, rich kids, (this excludes Dave Callaway...and his wife...and one other person but I can’t recall their name) who get spoon fed irrelevant crap that will allow you to make a six figure salary.  We also happen to not be accredited as any type of university.  On top of that, we really aren’t (technically) a higher learning institution, nor do we (technically) have any affiliates.  Not to worry, we do have a PhD program of instruction in Bad Ass Rescue.  As a side note, if you happen to be well-versed in Bad Ass rescue, you should ask yourself, "Do I really need to strive for bad ass status in anything else?"...(The  And as a final, very important note...We DO drink Guinness beer, and HAVE partaken in the consumption of Irish Car bombs within a 3 mile radius of Harvard, and since Guinness is “wicked” popular in Boston ("Baaahstahnn") and the surrounding areas...(including freakin’ Cambridge),  we believe that participating in these activities in such close proximity to educational institutions of such high caliber, qualifies us as having a substantial (yet unoffical) connection or affiliation with the aforementioned institution. (at least that's what we've been told)...(but by a very reliable source)...(actually, that's what we heard from a friend, of a friend, whose brother may (or may not) work at NASA, which would make him really credible in my opinion).  Also, Harvard’s Crest has Latin writing (lame), and ours has halligans (totally awesome)...enough said.

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Holy HRO: High Reliability Organizations (Part 1)
July 06, 2015

HRO methodology has been permeating into a broad spectrum of high risk / high threat organizations over the past decade.  From nuclear power-plants, intensive care units, wild land firefighting and most recently DoD health care systems.  There is plenty of information out on the web pertaining to HRO’s, but is it valid or just another company claiming to be “experts” in hopes of getting a high paying contract from your organization?  We will speak with one of the originators and internationally respected practitioners of HRO, Dr. Daved van Stralen.

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Evolve or Die
June 27, 2015

We live in an ever-changing world and it is certainly becoming more complex. On the home front, the threats we face on the street range from the scumbag looking to take your wallet or the next active shooter, to the terror cell preparing to make the news.  As emergency responders, we must evolve.

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Holy HRO: High Reliability Organizations (Part 3)
July 13, 2015

This is the final episode on HRO’s with Dr. van Stralen.  Probably a good time to throw out a big “Thanks” to Daved van Stralen for his time, while he was on vacation in France to talk with us.  We are fortunate to be able to work with him quite a bit, and will definitely be doing some more podcasts with him in the future.  Besides HRO, he is a Yoda when it comes to airway management...

We will also be doing a video cast in the next week or two on what that initial walkthrough looks like when implementing HRO into your training, planning, and response SOP’s.

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Failure Is an Option...(In Training)
September 30, 2014

Training methodology for high pressure environments goes through great transformation every 5-10 years.  Unfortunately, traditional learning models have been applied.  These models are not developed for the individual working in an austere, chaotic, time-constrained, and often dangerous environment.

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