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11/17/2016 11:51 PM

Zuper Munter... If when operating a lowering system, you find yourself reminiscing on what Sir Mix-A-Lot eloquently stated,"when you're down to get the friction on", this might be what you're looking for.  I was introduced to this technique from Tom Evans...seemed solid, but after I had a chance to use it for "realsies", I really appreciated it.  The first chance I had to use it was on a hasty pick off.  Rigged anchor, threw 2 Pirates on it, and put a munter on the front Pirate...lowered rescuer.  When he reached cax, I rigged the Zuper and tied it off.  Once the load was transferred over, released the tie-off and lowered the two down with ease.

We do a bunch with the Munter or more specifically the Mezzo Barcaiolo (MB).  Many of our end-users work in extremely dynamic AO's with significant environmental pathology.  The MB is fast, reliable, and there is obviously a bunch of variations you can rig...and when the requirement is to be fast and is an asset.

What we dig about it... it's pretty simple, it's nice to add friction on the fly...especially when your load changes, and it only requires a second carabiner...which can be a non-locker if you're in a jam or running low on lockers. 

Tom wrote some good stuff up on various munter configurations, and we will put his PDF below to download.  He gives the pro's and con's of each...allowing you to see what fits into your operational requirements. 

Element Rescue, Knot Series 11/17/2016

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